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  • blog - my musings on motherhood, life in general and of course my hand-craftiness.  May be updated occasionally.  For an update on my life and company see About.
  • hand-craft tutorials - focussing mainly on English Paper Pieced Patchwork and my take on it. I have been almost solely an EPP'er since I first learnt about patchwork at the age of 9 - getting seriously interested in Patchwork as a hobby when I was 15 - starting with 1 inch squares: I made a 6 foot square quilt in 15 months.  If I can EPP it I will - but I have never been a hexagon fan!    Want to give English Paper Piecing a try, join the Patchwork-a-long.



My lovely former neighbour Ruth agreed to take some photos of my patchwork - and here are the results (added to some of my own...), I have tried to group them in chronological order - some I made at the same time as others so this is not completely accurate but is the best I could recollect.  (images 1,2,3,4,9,10,11,12,13,15,16,17 all taken by Ruth Keating the rest by me)

All images of my hand-crafts remain my property - please Contact Me to ask permission to use them and please remember to link back.


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