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The quilts that live at my house...

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As I have updated the home page with some photos of my work I also thought it would be a good idea to post the quilts that live at my house.

My mum introduced me to patchwork and quilting and in the last few years has made quite a few of the quilts that we have; the most recent being the double-sided wedding quilt for our wedding last year - we have not yet used it as the skylight above our bed loses rust and drips condensation.


Mum has also made quilts for the boys - the first one for J when he was a baby and then one for each of the boys for their first birthday - J has his on his bed but A's is still hanging on the wall downstairs where we had it for our wedding - now it is colder he will also have it on his bed.  L also sleeps under the baby quilt.

A lttle bit kiwi


Js quilt


As Quilt

Al's sister also made J a quilt when he was a baby and it also gets used on L's bed at the moment.

jungle quilt

Al's mum also made quilts and we have one of her wall-hangings on the wall.

Sues wall-hanging

My Granny made a lot of quilts and when she died I was left the purple quilt which includes many fabrics that I used in my 6 x 6 foot quilt.

Grannys purple quilt

This is my first ever attempt at patchwork and quilting - made for a challenge set by my mum's house group when I was 9. 


My second wall-hanging was my first attempt at English paper piecing and was the jumping off point for the 6 x 6 foot quilt.

purple nine patch

Heirloom Jewels 2

Heirloom Jewels   Heirloom Jewels 3

This wall-hanging was moving from English paper pieced squares onto other shapes.

Red Star

My lovely neighbour Ruth took all these photos and she also took some of WIPs or UFOs which I will post another day.




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