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This Saturday I spent the whole day – from my late arrival at about 10am 'til 11pm in Kensington at the first ever Fat Quarterly Retreat.

Although I had been assigned to 2 classes – I didn't attend them as it wasn't the reason I was going to Retreat – I was going to spend time in the company of other Quilty people – it also meant I didn't have to carry too much with me as I already had my newly basted quilt and my new EPP project to carry.

As I was late in arriving I missed the welcome and the name bingo – I was supposedly on a few cards but only signed one – so if you had Danielle Coolbear Jenkins on your card I do exist and it is my real name (I proved this to Lucie with my passport). I was met by Lucie and Mandy and given my goody bag – the 2 fat quarters have been claimed by my boys – I will make them something this weekend – I'm thinking softy buses and cabs.

Even though I did take my camera I didn't take any photos – although I have spotted myself in the background of a fair few on Flickr and Twitter.

Although I didn't attend any of the classes I was an interloper into a couple – as I decided to start on a new EPP project – making a quillow to take to LMQG meetings and to use when stitching at home – so I spent my time cutting up my Kate Spain Good Fortune Layer Cake and starting the piecing of the 4 inch blocks.

This was a good ploy as a lot of people stopped to ask what I was making – so I talked to quite a few people without having to put my stitching down.

I also got to spend some time with the other members of the LMQG – which I always enjoy doing, it was great to have time to talk to everybody – we just don't get the time at meetings. Some of this time was spent drinking in the bar – which would be great to do again. I'm so glad that I found the LMQG (thanks to Lynne and Kelly, as I found Kelly's blog through Small Blog Meet and it was where I found out that the LMQG existed), such a great group of people.

Lucie also joined us in the bar – when we first moved to the UK I lived in the next village to Lucie, I wish I had known that at the time.

After dinner and before heading home I was lucky enough to be part of the winning pub quiz team – with Lucie and Claire (they were in the room when the quiz was devised so didn't receive a prize) and Amy – Amy and I were lucky enough to receive the first year of Fat Quarterly CD.

I wish I had bought a weekend pass – but I couldn't leave Al looking after the 3 boys by himself for another day, going back to being mum was difficult and I was so wiped out that Sunday night I went to bed at the same time as the boys and was asleep before them. Definitely getting a weekend pass next year if we are still in the UK.

Thanks so much to the Fat Quarterly team for such a great day, you have inspired me to look into holding a few LMQG retreats (also I'm jealous of my mum who attends quite a few retreats a year).

Fat Quarterly Retreat Kinky Party



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