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Can't Grow a Mo' Sew a Mo'...

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I have tried - and failed - to perfect the pattern design for Can't Grow a Mo' Sew a Mo'.  So rather than do what I would normally - namely let it go - I have moved the goal posts. 

Instead of a sausage dog with a mo' the blocks will now just be moustaches - any size, shape, style - as long as they are moustaches only - finished with a frame - ie the quilt will be a rouges gallery.  The moustaches can be anything you want - cotton, felt, faux fur.

I have designed some famous moustaches - Hulk Hogan, Tom Selleck, Clark Gable, Poirot and more - here's the PDF.

So basically the purpose of this post is to put the call out for some applique Mo' blocks - to be received by the end of September. A block square or rectangular - including a frame - up to 12 inches (plus seam allowance).  Have fun with the moustaches and the frames.

If you're reading this and thinking what is Can't Grow a Mo' Sew a Mo'?  This should give you the answer. 

If you would be happy to contribute a block or more - leave a comment or get in touch.




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