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Can't Grow a Mo' Sew a Mo' blocks...

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As I have officially thrown the request for Mo' blocks out into the world (my mum has also made the request in NZ), I thought I would try to clarify the block requirements.

  • Blocks are to be square or rectangular - as it will make it easier to fit all the blocks together whilst maintaining a rogues gallery look.
  • The finished block sizes - anything up to 12 inches, so 12.5 inches with seam allowance.
  • The finished block must have a frame, of any design - as simple or fancy as you like.
  • Any colours you like.
  • Draw inspiration from the Mo's of the men in your life or from famous Mo's - If stuck for inspiration I have drawn up a few (can you guess the Mo's - some are a bit obscure).
  • Mo's can be made of which ever fabric you want to use - blocks and frames however to be 100% cotton as it will make it easier to piece the top.
  • Machine applique with topstitch is probably easiest - especially with some of the fancier moustaches.

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I am hoping to make up some blocks over the weekend - so watch this space or my Flickr photostream.




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