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A few months ago I had the amazing opportunity of filming some craft tutorials for Videojug.  There was a lot of preparation involved, alongside my normal everyday life with my children - thankfully the baby was not mobile at theat point - I would hate to be trying to prep that many projects now that he is climbing furniture.  Filming took place over a very long day in May, we were able to get 14 videos in the can and I am hoping to return to see the lovely team at Videojug to film some more.

The videos have become live in the last few days.  They can be seen here. Statting with a no-sew fleece scarf.

I haven't been able to bring myself to watch them, but my parents rang me to tell me they thought they are great (my dad was recently on NZ national TV and couldn't bring himself to watch either).

How do you feel about watching yourself on video?  Do you find the sound of your own voice strange? 




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