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Can't Grow a Mo' Sew a Mo' Quilt update...

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I have collected a huge pile of Mo' blocks - from all over the world.  And they are patiently waiting to be joined into a quilt top or two.  I have the sashing and the screen and inks for the custom backing - but they are sitting unfinished as alongside collecting the growing pile of blocks I have been growing a human being - which has meant severe fatigue and all day nausea.  Thankfully these are abating so I should be able to get on and construct the top/s and get the backing screened and off to Shevvy for quilting.  Shevvy is willing to quilt 1 top for me, but I will need assistance with any subsequent tops - if you are within reasonable distance of London and are willing to help with the quilting of any more tops I will very much appreciate it.

My original plan was to have the raffle tickets available from the 1st of November to co-incide with Movember (which I am not affiliated with as you are not allowed to officially fundraise for them and another charity at the same time*) but I have revised this and aim to have them available from the middle of November through to December - as suggested at the LMQG at this month's meeting the raffle tickets would make great presents/stocking fillers.

I also need some help selling the physical tickets alongside them being available online - I'm wanting to reach more than just the quilting/sewing community!

I will post more updates as they happen.

(*I could have revised my fundrasing options, but I am passionate about raising funds for Movember and Mary Potter Hospice equally.)



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