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It has been 5 months since my blog post, a lot has happened in my life but not a lot of stitching; unless you count knitting. There has also not been a lot of photograph worthy light, and this looks set to continue into April.

My long absence started with early pregnancy nausea and exhaustion and continued into Christmas with a severe virus which gave me a cough so bad it pulled muscles in both sides of my ribcage and developed into severe pneumonia for my husband - we both ended up in hospital; me for half a day and Al for 5 days and 7 weeks recovery.  So Christmas and New Year were a complete write off for us.   I haven't done much in the way of EPP or other sewing but I have knitted several hats on Double Pointed Needles (DPNs) and started to teach myself to crochet as well as also knitting the front of a pinafore style dress for baby girl.

I have also attended every LMQG meeting as well as a new craft group with several of my former and current neighbours and others.  Despite not really crafting spending time with other crafty people has kept me sane - even when I was feeling unwell and trekking through London was probably not the best idea.

In about 6 weeks time baby girl will (hopefully) make her appearance.  Despite this I have plans to enter 'Peonie' in the Festival of Quilts - thankfully I was sent an entry form a few weeks ago.  I won't however be able to enter anything into Sandown as I had planned - the piece I started has been languishing in a project zippy pouch waiting to have a few pieces unpicked and replaced with a more contrasting colour.

I will hopefully be able to head to the NEC to see it in situ - and to spend some time with my LMQG friends and any others who happen to be about.

I  have some great EPP plans for this year including the relaunch of the Patchwork-a-long and finally the launch of my range of EPP products!


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