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Long time no blogging again...

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Yet again despite all best intentions life has intervened in my plans.

A lot has been going on in my life and hardly any of it has had to do with stitching or craft of any kind!

Baby girl arrived 3 days early on the 5th of May - after 5 days of labour!  She's a delight and very easy to keep happy, but that often means being held - therefore no space for hand stitching!

J is now in year 1 at school and will turn 6 at the end of next month, A is now 4 and has started at nursery every afternoon and L is now 2 and talking up a storm.  I have great plans for stitching but the reality of 3 school runs a day messes with those plans!

Hopefully in the next few months I may have something to show...



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