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I am very happy to share my obsession with English Paper Piecing around a bit.  If you would like to try English Paper Piecing but would like some in person instruction and help, or if you next some help or inspiration as to what to make next - I am available to teach with a max of 5 students per class - or one-on-one if you prefer.

There are no classes scheduled at the moment, if there is enough interest these can be booked - either evenings or weekends.

Are you:

  • wanting to learn a new skill?
  • wanting to start a new hobby with tools you already have?
  • wanting to make a quilt but don't have a sewing machine?
  • wanting to find something to do whilst watching TV during the long dark winter months which will keep you warm for winters to come?
  • wanting a portable handcraft alternative to crochet or knitting?
  • wanting to create an item that will be loved by a family member or friend for years to come?
  • wanting to make a quilt for a new baby
  • wanting to make a friendship quilt for a bride
  • wanting an excuse to hang out with other like-minded people for a few hours a week?
  • wanting an excuse to stroke fabric?

Classes can also include some field trips (to buy fabric of course - although these will be in addition to classes), some fabric creation through dyeing and printing, the possibility to up-cycle and a charity element.

If you are in London and interested in joining a class get in touch through the contact page.

If you are interested but live outside of London take a look at the tutorials page and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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